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Sharpless / Wayne Fox

Vanishing melting sharpie effect from the amazing magician Wayne Fox.


Linko / Ben Williams

Link the mints on a packet of POLO, then link the mints too! AS SEEN ON TV!

You show your spectator a couple of regular POLO mints (these can be checked), and the spectator holds onto them. As they hold the mints in their hands, you direct their attention to the mint packet. You show the logo on the packet fairly and then, with a wave of the hand, you create a miracle. Youmove the inkon the label so that the two POLO on the logo design are now completely LINKED! This is not a sticker or an illusion -- the packet has been changed forever. You can even hand it out to your spectators to keep if you'd like! But it doesn't end there. You remind the spectators that one of them has been holding a couple of mints in their hands since the beginning. They are instructed to open up their hands and they see, impossibly, that the mints in their hands are now alsocompletely linked! These two ordinary items are no longer ordinary. They can be completely examined and also kept by the spectators if you wish.

This is what magic is all about, giving people experiences they have never seen before that will stay with them forever. This is whyLinkowas chosen to be performed on TV by the insanely talented and overtly cool Troy. Troy and his team knew that the organic nature and visual of the altered logo was perfect for the hit series on E4. Not only was it perfect for TV, but working magicians from all over the UK have been usingLinkoas part of their working repertoire. It is frequently used by workers as one of the Top Table tricks to be performed for the Bride and Groom at weddings. It is that good.

Modern day TV style magic that is easy to perform.

The online video tutorial teaches many different handlings, from devilishly simple to the full monty, leaving no room for the spectator to even think about handlings. There are handlings where the mints link in the spectator's hands and where the mints on the packet link in their hand, too! All are fairly easy to perform, yet some require more guts for your glory! The angles are extremely good, making this a very workable trick no matter what size crowd you attract. It is one of those high-impact tricks that is within the reach of even the most amateur of performers.

Perfect for Street Magic
Perfect for the Top Table
Perfect for Walkaround

Points to remember:

The new logo design works really well withLinko. The new logo's simplistic design draws you in and makes the link on the packet even more prominent.

Points to remember

- Super easy to do
- 10 labels inside each pack
- Multiple handlings taught for bothLinkoand the Linking Mints
- The perfect souvenir for a wedding or anniversary, or potential client
- Contemporary close-up TV-style magic you can easily perform surrounded
- Perfect for a show reel
- Perfect for your mates down the pub
- Perfect for a close-up gig


"Thank you for creating it. I love it, mate"
- Steve Rowe (Creator of Lolli Hero)

"This trick left holes in my head! It's in my working repertoire"
- Kieron Johnson (Creator of To the Max and Ice-olation)

"This trick is MINT! I own it and I perform it!"
- Jimmy Strange (Creator of Deceptus and Strongman)

"Just checked outLinko. I'm gonna have a pack of these in my bag at all times now!"
- Jason Knowles (Creator of Double Take and Blink)

"Linkois a brilliant effect. I use it at every gig."
- Mathew Youngs


Anything / Ben Williams

A prediction routine that allows you to predict practically anything! Straight from my working repertoire, this is a routine I have been performing for nearly 10 years!

If you know Any Word by Ben you know the basic routine, Anything is a video tutorial of this and also a tonne of other ideas and routines for this. Now predict actions, chosen lottery numbers, pocket change.

Very easy to do
Mastered in minutes
No peeks or impressions
Full routine and patter provided



George is very pleased to announce the official release of my own product "SEALED" - one of the most powerful but simple card tricks there is. Individuals at any skill level can perform this in simply moments.


Squished / Ben Williams

How would you like to be able to borrow a penny and inches from their faces squash and stretch the coin into an impossible magical souvenir?

Everybody has seen the machines where you insert a penny and then pay your fifty pence or quarter and then crank an arm around which forces the penny though a stamp that 'squishes' the penny with some sort of image, maybe the logo of the particular theme park or public attraction you are visiting at the time of coming across said machine.

Well now, with Squished you can perform this process for your spectators without the need to carry around your giant heavy squishing machine!

Master magician Ben Williams (creator of the critically acclaimed effects 'Labelled' and 'OCL') brings you his latest killer coin effect. Ben teaches you in detail everything you need to know to start amazing people. You get his detailed routines and handlings but best of all Ben has taken away all the hard work and complex sleights by including a cunning gimmick that does all the hard work for you.






Floating Note Trick

Magically make a note fly in the air. The gimmick also can make other objects levitate too. Comes with instructions.


Thumb Tip & Silk

These simple little props allow for some stunning results. Shaped, and coloured to blend with most Caucasian skin tones, these can be worn on the thumb for an extended period without a spectator noticing, and allow for very clean vanishes, appearances, and changes all while your hands are in clear view. Comes with coloured silk.


Thumb Tip & Silk Pro

Imagine having the power to vanish nearly any small object, in any situation, whenever you want. That's the sort of versatility a Thumb Tip can provide you with. Get your hands on one of these pro thumb tips and silk today!


At The Table Lecture DVD [Ben Williams]

Ben Williamshas been working behind the scenes in the magic industry for over a decade. With many top-selling releases under his belt, he has been known to create well thought-out routines and ideas that are both practical and visual. He has worked on effects used on TV by the likes of Dynamo, Ben Hanlin and Troy, as well as teaching and coaching many more magicians.

In hisAt The Tablelecture, Ben shares practical card routines, interesting coin sleights, and even his street magic style effects using everyday items, such as candies and cola bottles. This is not a lecture you'll want to miss! Here's what you'll learn:

Portal:A super visual coin routine with amazing angles.

Easy JW Grip and Switch:A simple and deceptive way of getting into the JW grip using two hands. Incredibly easy to do -- can be used as a switch or vanish!

Ben's Opener:Ben demonstrates his ability to guess the spectator's card by reading their reactions. A great opening routine that's easy to perform.

Heartless:The spectator chooses a card and, with a flash of fire, card pips appear in the spectator's chosen suit from out of nowhere. Even more surprisingly, the spectator's chosen card now has burn marks, and the pips have vanished off the card.

Pocket:You've seen a card to pocket effect before, but have you ever seen a card to spectator's pocket? Super simple and easy to perform!

Love Cola:A spectator holds a Coke label in their hands. After thinking of someone whom they love, the spectator opens their hand to show that the label now has a heart-shaped hole in it.

Inside Polo:A great piece of candy magic! The magician takes the label off a fresh pack of Polos (Lifesavers for those in the US), vanishes it, then makes it appear inside the roll of candy!

Linko:A linking candy effect that your audience is going to love!

Impression:A brilliant piece of mentalism that looks completely natural and utilizes an everyday object you probably already carry around in your pocket.


The Performers Close Up Pad [Leather Backed]

These are our custom made bespoke performers close up pads. These are made to order and are made to the highest quality. Get your very own Performers Close Up Pad today!!!


Dynamic Coins Trick

Five ten pence coins mysteriously appear under a cylindrical metal cap. They then vanish only to re-appear underneath the other cap previously shown empty. The coins then continue to jump from one cap to the other. As well as penetrating through the solid metal of the other cap. For the climax they vanish all together from the hands of the spectator.


Linking Rings [Beginners]

Learn a classic of magic today "The Linking Rings"

Magicians all round the globe perform this classic in magic. Easy to do and get great reactions every time! Comes with instructions.


The Vanishing Crayons

This easy to do magic trick is for anyone who would like to learn a simple easy to do magic trick. Within 5 minutes you will be able to perform this awesome effect.

Comes with Instructions.


Splash Bottle

At anytime in his performance, the magician blows up a balloon, which he freely shows to the audience from all sides. He then removes a knife, and pops the balloon, when a full bottle of champagne appears!This utility holdout device can be used to produce a large variety of bottles, ranging from large champagne bottles to smaller beer or soda bottles. Use it on stage and close-up.


The Jumping Spots / Paddle

Spots appear on the paddles from thin air and also jump from one paddle to another in this superb trick!


Floating Match

Make a match float in mid air with this amazing little self working magic trick. This trick is a great gift for anyone getting into magic.


Deck Of Cards [Cheap]

These cards are great for testing routines and tricks out on or making gimmicks out off.


Traditional Playing Cards

This deck of playing cards is a nice traditional deck of playing cards great for playing card games with or maybe showing your mate a trick down at the pub.


Bicycle Playing Cards [Blue & Red]

Bicycle Playing Cards are normally the magicians choice. Available in either red or blue.


Magic Wand

Every magician needs a magic wand get your very own magic wand today!


Marvin’s Magic Wand

If you want a bit more of a flashy magic wand why not grab the “Marvin’s Magic Wand”


The Midas Disk

This is an effect that strengthens through repetition, and you can (and should) immediately repeat it a few times.

An old principle that most magicians are familiar with, but dressed up with high quality props and a bit of extra gimmick-ing. You will be able to do this a few minutes after learning it. So you can spend your practice time on building up the presentation and the repetition of the mystery.


Traffic Light Cards

Two black plastic cards are shown to your audience, one card has three colored dots on it (red, yellow and green like a traffic light), and the other card is blank. The card with the dots is placed face-down on the spectator's hand and the blank card is placed on the spectator's other hand. Ask the spectator what they do at a red light. Then ask them what they do at a yellow light. When they say "go" at the green light that's exactly what happens! The green dot goes from the traffic light card to the blank card! When they turn over the card they have been holding it now has the green circle, and the green circle on your card is gone. The Incredible Traffic Light can even be used in safety themed programs. Easy to do! Instructions included.


Carded Handcuffs

This set of gimmicked handcuffs looks authentic, but allows the magician to escape from them with the greatest of ease!”

In reality, they are easy to escape from, but to our minds are not up to the mark in looks (they don’t look authentic). Would be ideal for comedy routines, or Stag / Hen parties.

P.S. The picture is not quite right, the keys don’t look like that, and there is an obvious leaver on the side (photo from supplier).


The Mental Cube

A most astounding- and easy- pocket trick!
Very simple to do and to understand, and perfect for young magicians as well.

A cube with different colors on each side is given to your spectator.
While your back is turned so you cannot see what he is doing, he chooses ANY color, then places the block into a small box with his chosen color facing up, and puts a cover on the box.
Instantly you can tell which color was selected!


The Electric Card Trick

A matchstick is placed on top of a playing card, and slowly levitates up from it. Another card can be used to show that there is nothing supporting the match.


The Ring On Chain

The magician shows a solid metal ring and loop of chain. They slide the ring up the loop of chain and drop it. Rather than dropping to the floor, the ring is magically tied onto the loop of chain.


Spinning Plate Mini [With Stick]

Grab yourself your very own mini plate & stick today. Each colourful plate comes with a spinning plate stick too.


Spinning Plate [Stick Only]

We also do sell spinning plate sticks individually at an affordable price!


See Through Miracle Cards Magic Trick

This is an easy to do self working trick that you will be able to perform only minutes after learning it! It’s also a great trick because it gets killer reactions every time!


U2 Self Working Packet Trick

From a packet of 12 cards the Magician deals 6 cards to the spectator and keeps 6 for themself. Both the Spectator and the Magician place their cards behind their backs, mix them up and remove one card. Keeping it face down so even they don't know which card they have chosen, the Magician and spectator exchange cards and place them face up within the packet of cards behind their backs. When the two packets are brought forward and fanned out it is seen that both the face up "chosen" cards are identical… The spectators start to believe that maybe all the cards are the same!!! "Well, all of these other cards may be the same…" you say "but…" You turn over all the other cards to reveal that all the cards are all the same but a totally different card!


The Acrobatic Matchbox

Take a box of matches from your pocket and rest it on the palm of your hand. Explain, "This is a very strange box of matches." As you speak the matchbox flips over on your hand! "They look like ordinary matches, but they're not." Now the drawer slowly slides open by itself! At this point your audience is really impressed, but you're not finished yet...

Say the magic word "Viagra" and a 2 inch tall match jumps out and stands on top of the box! Wow!

The improved gimmick is entirely self contained with no body hookups.


Bare Hand Spring Flower

This package includes 16 small spring flowers. These are perfect for an opener!


Colour Changing Lighter

This is a brilliant little simple trick. Get your hands on the colour changing lighter today!!


6 Card Throw Away Trick

The Effect

You have six cards in your hand. You count out three cards and throw them over your shoulder! How many cards are you holding? Six of course...well you're a magician! This happens again and again. You throw away three cards and yet always end up holding six. It seems that the cards just never go away!


Deluxe Card Catcher

Magically produce cards from the air just like the pros without the difficult sleight of hand that takes years of practice to perfect. The apparatus is easy to use with no difficulty what so ever. No more long tedious hours of practice to catch cards from the air! With this ingenious device you can catch cards the very first time you try, and duplicate the work of the top pros! Catching cards from the air has long been considered a beautiful and baffling effect. Formerly used only by top professional performers, now you can add it to your act and receive the credit for being an accomplished card manipulator!

Includes metal gimmick and instructions.


Goshman Sponge Balls

Quite simply the best sponge balls out there!

Box contains 4 sponge balls.


Sponge Balls Mixed [Comes With Sponge Egg]

We have our mixed sponge balls set available and it also comes with a performance sponge egg.


Stiff Rope Trick

This will remind you the famous Indian Rope Trick Illusion. You show a rolled up piece of rope. Now uncoiling the rope you stretch the rope between the two hands, horizontally, and pretend to hypnotize the rope. Dramatically release one end of the rope from one hand. The rope remains in the same position, rigid like a stick. You may also hold the rope at the center when it is stiff. With a little care you can make the rope stand almost in a vertical position. You merely blow on the rope, and it falls down limp once again. You may use this effect as a standalone effect or combining with other effects. The rope may be used as a comedy prop with another trick, or as an effect by itself. Please note that it cannot be made to stand stiff in a total vertical position. Stiff Rope is about 30 inches long and made with quite thick white rope that makes it visible from the distance. This magic trick is very easy to perform!


Three Equal Ropes Trick

Three separate ropes of various length, suddenly become all the same length! But wait! It then reverts back to the three original lengths!


Professor’s Nightmare Stage Edition

Now you can perform one of the most popular rope tricks of all time.

Show three lengths of rope, each of a different length. One is long, the second is of medium length, and the third is a short piece.

Gathering the ropes together, you give them a deft tug. As if made of rubber, the ropes magically stretch and shrink. They are now all the same length!

The ropes are counted, each one seen to be the same length as the others. Then, just as magically, they revert to their original state – three unequal ropes! Everything can now be examined.


Colour Changing Hanky

A very visual trick that can be used to open your show or just do it anytime during the show. You show two silks tied together, as you pass your hand over them they change colours. This trick can be repeated instantly. Made out of high quality Chinese Silk. Each Hanky measures 12″ Diagonally.


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